Mecca, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

There are two kinds of housing in Mecca: old and new. Old residential areas are much smaller than newer ones, and houses in Mecca are made of local rock. But despite the fact that new housing is being built in Mecca, most apartment rentals remain high. Monthly rents in Mecca can reach SR3,500, and living expenses can exceed SR5,000 for a family. So the question is, how do you afford to live in Mecca?

Mecca is located in the Hejaz region, which is about 200 km wide, separating the Nafud desert from the Red Sea. The city lies in the Mecca Valley, 70 km west of Jeddah. It is located at an elevation of 277 meters above sea level and is surrounded by the Sirat Mountains. The mountains of Mount Hira, for example, contain a cave where Muhammad sought isolation and meditated.

The number of pilgrims in Mecca has grown rapidly over the last several decades. An estimated two million Muslims travel to Mecca each year to perform the Hajj. These pilgrims come from diverse ethnic backgrounds, including Africa, Europe, and South Asia. Some have even become residents of Mecca, and the city's ethnic mix continues to change. The oldest community in Mecca are the Burmese, and they number roughly 250,000 people. New residents are also arriving every day due to oil discoveries.

In the history of Mecca, it has been the scene of political turmoil. In 1979, militants, mostly Islamic, seized the Great Mosque and were eventually driven out. Iranian pilgrims frequently engaged in political protests and clashed with the Saudi police, leading to many deaths. The city's rulers, however, have remained in place for centuries. The city is now known as Makkah mintah idariyyah.