Oak Park, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

When looking up Oak Park, Illinois, you might wonder if it's actually a city. The city was established 192 years ago and has a population of 51,878. Its population is expected to reach 52,852 by the year 2022. The area is considered very diverse in terms of race and ethnicity. Most residents report being White, followed by Blacks and African-Americans.

The schools in Oak Park City are renowned statewide. A large percentage of residents earn bachelor's degrees. This area was also a hotbed of the real estate industry, and its median net worth is $80,000, compared to just $10,000 in Land Park. The city's growth and gentrification led to a number of changes to its neighborhoods. The area around Lake Street elevated became a regional shopping district, with stores such as Marshall Field's, Wieboldt's, and Fair Store. As the city developed, older homes south of Madison Avenue were replaced by office buildings and apartments.

The 1960 census reported that the city had the second highest proportion of African-American residents in California. This increased the city's black population by nearly ten percent. However, during the 1960s, Oak Park experienced many changes, and was cut off from East Sacramento. During this time, the city began to be more integrated, with residents from various races living together in the same neighborhoods. Although racial integration was still an issue in Oak Park City, many non-white residents chose to stay in the city.