Penngrove, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

What are the population and steets of Penngrove City, Ohio? Listed below are some of the most important statistics about the city. These numbers can be very helpful in planning your next trip to Penngrove. These numbers are based on raw head counts for Penngrove, and are also available in terms of population density per square mile. You can read more about the source of these data on our About Page.

The chart above shows the percentage of households in the City of Penngrove that use different types of transportation. The chart uses a logarithmic scale on the y-axis to represent smaller means of transportation. Below, we'll take a closer look at households in Penngrove, CA, and see how they're distributed by car ownership. Most households have more than two cars, while a minority own none.

The percentage of foreign-born residents in Penngrove is low, at 9.5%. This number is considerably lower than the state's average of 15.3%. While the majority of the population is white, those who identify themselves as non-white or black are significantly more numerous. In fact, the city's percentage of foreign-born residents is only 13.5% lower than the state's average. However, it's hard to ignore the fact that a significant number of Penngrove residents are Asian-American.

The population of Penngrove City is over 2,000, a small town nestled between Petaluma and Cotati. The city may have been named after the Pennsylvania brothers who purchased 80 acres of land here in the late 1800s and began planting olive trees. The United States Postal Service officially changed the town's name to Penngrove in 1908, replacing the previous Pine Grove. The city's CDP is located on four square miles (10 km2) of land.