Placerville, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

This article will tell you about the Population & Steets in Placereville City. Placerville is a city in northern California near the Rubicon River. The city is bordered by the Middle Fork of the American river to the north and the South Fork Consumnes river to the south. In mid-century, Placerville was home to many gold miners, but most didn't make it very far. The town's early years were characterized by a lot of log and frame buildings, but by mid-1856, there was a fire that destroyed most of the city. In the aftermath, many businessmen rebuilt their establishments in stone and brick buildings.

Placerville is located in El Dorado County and was formerly known as the Old Dry Diggings. In 1850, it was renamed Hangtown, and it became the city's first post office. In 1854, Placerville incorporated itself as the City of Placerville. The name Placerville comes from deposits of gold particles that were discovered nearby. The town became the county seat of El Dorado County in 1857.

The population of Placerville is approximately 2,063 people. The area of the city is 5.8 square miles (15 square km). It is over 99% land. The population is spread across three different census tracts. If you're looking for an address in Placerville, you'll find it on the city's website. You can also find a phone number to call or email.