Port Hueneme, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you want to live in Port Hueneme, California, you can use the following information. The population and steets for this city are listed below. The population is divided into two types: the upper and lower classes. The middle class has a median household income of $42,246. Lower class residents have a median income of $25,703. Hueneme has a per capita income of $17,311. Approximately 9.8% of the population and 12.2% of the families in Port Hueneme are living below the poverty line. This figure also includes the elderly and under-age population.

The median age in Port Hueneme is 30.8, which is below the US median of 37.4. The median household size is three, which is higher than the US average of 2.6. People in this city are more likely to be single and to have children, with the exception of seniors. The median household size is also three people, which is lower than the state average. This city has a high percentage of foreign-born residents and is growing.

Port Hueneme is home to the only City-owned beach park in Ventura County. The city has ninety acres of park land, which is about one-third more than the statewide average. Port Hueneme has many other facilities, including a library, historical museum, and Boys & Girls Club. And it's not just beaches - Port Hueneme has great schools and facilities for residents.