Reseda, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Reseda City is an affluent community, containing a diverse ethnic population. Most residents identify themselves as Mexican, but others report having ancestry from other countries, including Asian, Armenian, German, and English. In 2010, 48.5% of Reseda's housing stock was held by renters, and 51.5% by house owners. This diversity reflects the diverse character of the city.

Reseda, California is a small town in the San Fernando Valley. It was first named Marian after Marian Otis Chandler, the daughter of a prominent Los Angeles businessman. In addition to being the daughter of a prominent businessman, Reseda's name comes from the odorated yellow dye plant, Reseda odorata. This flower is native to the Mediterranean climate.

A notable location in Reseda is The Country Club. The infamous 1994 Northridge Earthquake was centered in Reseda. The epicenter was originally reported as San Fernando but later pinpointed to be near the city of Northridge. The resulting earthquake was named "Northridge" by the media. Reseda has also been the setting for several movies, including the acclaimed "The Karate Kid," which included a car chase scene down the Los Angeles River.

Reseda has a unique ethnic diversity. The neighborhood is home to more Armenians than any other in America. Another unique characteristic of this neighborhood is the number of Iranians - the city's 1.2% is higher than the country's average. The neighborhood's diversity scores are shown in red and green areas. Diversity scores indicate racial diversity. A green area indicates greater diversity, while a red area indicates greater homogeneity.