Santa Fe Springs, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

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The City of Santa Fe Springs is located in Southern California, just south of the San Bernardino Mountains. The city is home to 17,349 people and is expected to increase its population by 7.9% by the year 2020. The median home price is $618,100 and the home appreciation over the past decade has been 4.2%. The Santa Fe Springs, California, population density is the number of people per square mile.

One of the most striking statistics is the percentage of single women in the city. While Santa Fe Springs is home to 64% married couples, the city also has the highest proportion of divorced individuals. Santa Fe Springs is home to the largest average household size in the entire city, with an average family size of 3.9 members. Santa Fe Springs ranks #1 when it comes to average household size and is the highest in the region.