Sebastopol, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Sebastopol is a small city in the west of Sonoma County that is home to about 8,000 people. Like many of the smaller cities in Sonoma County, Sebastopol is experiencing a growing problem of homelessness. The last homeless count found 129 people living in Sebastopol, up from 69 the year before. All were living outside or in vehicles.

The city was once an apple and plum growing region, but now the primary crop is wine grapes. The majority of the land used for orchards is now covered by vineyards. The city has an upscale downtown strip mall, the Barlow, which is a $23.5 million conversion of old agriculture warehouses into a chic marketplace that features art, fine dining, and tasting rooms. The barlow is located on a floodplain in the heart of Sebastopol and is a popular destination for art and culture lovers.

Sebastopol is located 15 miles from the Pacific Ocean and the Russian River. Its environment is home to many rare plant species. The area is also home to the Laguna de Santa Rosa, a 22 mile channel that joins the Russian River and drains into the Santa Rosa Plain, which covers most of Sonoma County. This watershed is important for flood control and water quality.

Sebastopol is situated at an elevation of 65 to 250 feet (20 to 75 meters) above sea level. The city's downtown area is at the intersection of State Routes 116 and 12, also known as the Gravenstein Highway. State Route 101 is nearby.