Twin Peaks, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The West of Twin Peaks Central Council will hold its next meeting Monday, May 28, at 7:30 PM. The council previously met in March and discussed various issues, including recycling, water and sewer construction, SB827 and the project at 250 Laguna Honda Blvd. The next meeting will focus on public safety, addressing the issues that residents face. Interested residents should attend the meeting to learn more about these issues.

The West of Twin Peaks Central Council held their October meeting, with a smaller than usual turnout. Council members discussed a variety of issues, including future planning and land use, as well as the Stonestown Galleria development. President Mark Scardina opened the meeting at 7:35 PM, with his report. He also announced that the Sherwood Forest HOA group is in the process of applying to join the council. A quorum was not met, due to only one delegate being absent.

The Twin Peaks Reservoir provides the city's water supply, which is supplemented by two salt water pump stations and a fireboat. Those in the city are required to pay for the costs associated with the water system, and many residents are paying for the upgrade. The Twin Peaks Supervisor is working with the Rec & Park Department to ensure that the city's residents and tourists stay safe. In addition, a new police station has been installed at the Twin Peaks Reservoir.