Valley Springs, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

There are several ways to get to know the Population & Steets in Valley Spring City. For instance, you can use the U.S. Census Bureau's website to find out how many people live in Valley Springs City, CA. In addition to providing the official population data, the census bureau also publishes recalculated figures based on census block data. These data can be useful when booking flights between cities and if you want to plan a road trip.

The population of Valley Springs may reach 784 people by 2035, based on population projections. The exact figure depends on several factors, most of which are difficult to predict and quantify. Nevertheless, based on the census data from 2010, the population of Valley Springs is approximately 306 people, with about six-six percent of households being families. This indicates that Valley Springs is a family-oriented community.

In 1849, the Valley Springs region saw its first store and saloon. Small farms and large ranches were also established for the settlers. The area was also connected to nearby towns by Highway 26. During the same time, lodging and stage stops developed along Highway 12. By 1850, the population had increased by a full hundred percent. It was not until the 1960s that the railroad finally reached Valley Springs that the population of Valley Springs City became stable.

The City of Valley Springs is located in Minnehaha County. The city is approximately 1,390 feet above sea level. According to the Geographic Names Information System, the population of Valley Springs was 734 in 2010. However, its exact date of establishment is not known, but it has decreased by 3.29% since the 2010 Census and by 7.4 percent since the 2000 census. The median age of Valley Springs residents is 42.9 years for men and 41.7 for females.