Walnut Creek, California Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

What do you know about Population & Steets in Walnue Creek City? Here are some of the basic statistics about the city. The median home sold price is $1,572,500. The highest home sale in the city was $4,120,500. The city shares borders with Concord, Pleasant Hill, and Lafayette. The following tables show the number of people living in Walnut Creek City.

The city of Walnut Creek was founded in December 1862 and named for the United States Post Office. The town's street patterns were laid out by Homer Shuey in 1871 and 1872. At the time, his family owned large cattle ranches. His street patterns still stand today. The city's population is estimated at approximately 41,000. While the population is small, the area is growing.

In 1891, the Southern Pacific Railroad started running through Walnut Creek. The Southern Pacific Railroad continued to grow the city until it became the eighth largest in Contra Costa County. The railroad ran through the city until the late 1970s, when it became the Iron Horse Trail. In addition to providing transportation, the Southern Pacific Railroad built an eight-story building for the city. It is now the site of the Walnut Growers Association's 26,000-square-foot walnut processing plant on Walnut Avenue, adjacent to the railroad tracks.

There are many interesting events in Walnut Creek. The city was named after its founder, Joseph C. Walnut. His son-in-law, Dean Lesher, was a prominent businessman. The city also celebrated its 25th anniversary, and the town's first sister city is Siofok, Hungary. The city also acquiesces to the sale of 221 acres of open space on Lime Ridge. In the same year, the city purchases the property of a former sewer farm for $6 million. This acquisition provides the city with a valuable resource for the community.