Center, Colorado Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Those living in Philadelphia should know the population and steets of Center City. This is the area where most major businesses are located, including the Pennsylvania Convention Center. This area is known for its historic row homes, which often have private patios and garden areas. There are plenty of restaurants in the area, and a convenient train station at the nearby Suburban Station. Residents living in Center City should also know that the Fairmount neighborhood is located northwest of Center City, near the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Alternatively, they can walk to Center City or take the car sharing service.

The 2010 census data does not show dramatic changes in the city's overall composition, but the census tract level shows changes in the Black or African American population and Hispanic population. The Hispanic population has grown twice as fast as the citywide total (from 13.9% to 16.1%), while the Black and African American population has decreased slightly, from twenty-one percent to twenty-one percent. The Asian population has grown faster than the rest of the city, reaching 6% of the total.

The true downtown of Philadelphia is relatively dense by U.S. city standards, containing approximately 29,000 people per square mile. If growth is continued at this rate, center city would become dense enough to rival Manhattan. However, the population growth rate in Greater Center City is less than half as fast as the downtown core. The area will not reach Manhattan's population density until 2276. In the meantime, Philadelphia's population is still growing, but at a slower rate.