Collbran, Colorado Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The Demographics of Collbran City can be helpful in determining the area's economic standing. The city has a total population of 646 people. The median household income is $32,361, making it affordable for most families. For working parents, proximity to a daycare center is important to a successful career. A brief breakdown of each race in Collbran is included below.

While crime statistics may not give a comprehensive picture of Collbran, certain areas of the city seem to be higher than others. For example, there is a higher crime rate in Collbran's west section than in its east section. This may be due to the fact that crimes are more likely to occur in retail areas. Crime rates may appear to be higher in areas that have fewer residents, but crime happens where people congregate.

Census data on the population of Collbran shows that the median age of Collbran, CO residents was 21.8. Foreign-born citizens accounted for 66.5% of Collbran's workforce. As of 2010, the city had a median property value of $132,800. The city's homeownership rate was 74.3%, and most residents walked to work. The median household owned one car.

The Town of Collbran is a Statutory Town located in Mesa County, Colorado. The town has a population of 369. It is part of the Grand Junction, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area. In 2013, there were no evictions reported in Collbran. With the high poverty rate, the city's economy has slowed down. In other words, there are more people than ever living in Collbran.