Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population of Hot Sulphur Springs is 383,899 people. This is a lot less than the national average. The city is relatively safe with a violent crime rate of 37% lower than the national average. However, the area suffered during the great depression when its economy began to suffer. Many homes and tourist attractions were lost, and pollution began to clog up the city's streets. This led to sinkholes. While the community adapted to the change, it failed to prepare for the economic shift that would come with the great depression.

The city of Hot Sulphur Springs is located in Grand County, Colorado. The population of the city is expected to reach 891 by 2020. The median household income is $82,784, which means that the area's poverty rate is 0.24%. The median rent is $882 a month, while the median home value is $249,500. The median age of residents in Hot Sulphur Springs is 34.7 years old.

The zip code for Hot Sulphur Springs is 80451. It includes the city name, a number for the local library, and a list of businesses and institutions. The city has five hotels, 50 restaurants, and a 100-bed hospital. In addition, there are more than 115 churches in the city. This city is known as the "Celebration City." It is located on Interstate 30 between Dallas and Texarkana.