Wheat Ridge, Colorado Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you're considering relocating to Wheat Ridge City, CO, you might be interested in its population and neighborhood characteristics. A quick Google search will reveal that 48% of Wheat Ridge households are renter occupied, which may not affect the quality of life you'll experience in the community. A walkable city might appeal to you, while a suburban setting could be more appealing to some home buyers. The same is true for those who would prefer the quietness of open space and nature.

While Wheatridge's overall population is primarily comprised of citizens of American descent, only 2% are foreign born. In contrast, the Berkley CDP has a foreign-born population of 20.7%, about one-quarter the national average. However, the diversity of the population in Wheat Ridge varies according to age. The CASOA(tm) model allows communities to choose optional services to augment the data provided in the Brief Report.

As of 2017, the median age of residents in Wheat Ridge was 41.2, with an average age of 46. In addition, 74% of residents commuted by car alone. In contrast, 7.9% of people worked from home. The chart below depicts the percentage of households that use each mode of transportation over time. The y-axis of the chart uses a logarithmic scale to indicate variation between small means of commuting.

A census-computed estimate for the population of the Wheatridge region was released in March by the United States Census Bureau. In the U.S., Wheat Ridge is the eighth-most-populous place in Jefferson County. It's also home to more than twenty parks, over 20 small reservoirs, and miles of open space. There are no public schools in Wheat Ridge, but the population is growing, and the area will remain a popular destination for people and businesses alike.