Darien, Connecticut Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Tokeneke is a private community in Darien City, Connecticut. Its amenities include a beach, a community club, and police patrols. The town was established in 1957, but residents pay a separate tax to keep roads and police constables maintained. Its most famous feature is the Coveted Contentment Island. While this neighborhood is privately owned, it has some common amenities, including a beach and a small golf course.

The area's prominent citizens include: Charles Lindbergh, the late aviator, and his wife, Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Andrew Carnegie, a steel magnate, was also a resident of Darien, and he tended to spend the summers at the Convent of the Sacred Heart, which was divided into several private estates in the 1970s. In the past, prominent people from Darien included Christopher Shays, a former representative from Connecticut's Fourth Congressional District who now lives in Bridgeport.

In addition to being a diverse city, the population of Darien is increasingly diversified. Black residents now number 163 and are up from eighty-nine percent of residents of the same age group in the U.S. Hispanic residents account for 17.8% of the population, while the population of people in Darien is nearly half Hispanic. While the percentage of Hispanics has been increasing steadily since the 2000 census, the rate of black residents in Darien has remained relatively unchanged.

The low crime rate in Darien makes it a desirable place for families with children. In addition to being a great place for children, the city also offers a wealth of services aimed at families. The public school district is excellent, and it has a high percentage of college-educated adults. In addition, the city's low crime rate means that children are able to thrive in this community.