East Haven, Connecticut Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

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The population of East Haven is ranked high in Connecticut, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The city's population is based on the latest rebased figures, which reflect changes in the population based on census block data. The city has a low violent crime rate and high local amenities scores. You can find a list of businesses in East Haven, CT, by checking out the business directory.

The official unemployment rate in East Haven is referred to as the U3 rate, which is a measure of how many people are actively looking for jobs in the city. In East Haven, CT, there are 34% of the unemployed population who are not in the military. That is known as the Labor Force Participation Rate. This figure is not necessarily representative of all unemployed people, but it does give a good indication of the health of the city's residents.

In the United States, the percentage of divorced residents is the highest among CDPs. New Haven has a lower divorce rate and higher percentage of single women than East Haven. The average family size in East Haven is 3.5. If you're wondering what the divorce rate is like in East Haven City, you can look at the data for the entire state of Connecticut. Its median income is $46,040.