Lewes, Delaware Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population of Lewes City, Delaware, is very low compared to the surrounding communities. The population density in Lewes is about 1% less than the population of Rehoboth Beach, DE, which is 2.6 times larger and has a higher percentage of foreign born residents. Lewes City's population density is 4% less than the national average.

Lewes is a quaint, historic town that is filled with inns and restaurants. It is also home to the nationally ranked Beebe Healthcare Center. However, the cost of living is relatively high and housing is limited. As a result, many retirees are opting for adult communities nearby. Some of these include gated communities with large clubhouses and golf courses, private beaches, and more.

Lewes is located along the Delaware Bay and contains a few iconic lighthouses. Two of them are located within the city limits. These landmarks are the Delaware Breakwater East End Light and the Harbor of Refuge Light. The Delaware National Recreation Center also maintains a boat ramp on the Broadkill River, which is adjacent to Roosevelt Inlet.

Lewes is located in Delaware and is home to about 3,295 residents. This is a small community, with 7% of households having children. This is lower than the overall percentage of households in the Lewes City area, which is around 21%. The median household income in Lewes is $89,192, while the Delaware county median is $62,617. The median age is 62.6 years. The annual precipitation in Lewes is 46 inches.