Annville, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The Population & Steets of Annville City are calculated based on the residential address of each resident. The population is relatively low, with a population density of 4,903 people per square mile. As a small town, economic conditions are often worse than in larger cities. The majority of residents in Annville are young adults, with families averaging three members. Annville is a surprisingly diverse city, ranking 137 nationally, and 6 within Pennsylvania.

Crime statistics in Annville, PA are based on the number of crimes committed per 1,000 residents in a standard year. This is comparable to crime rates in other Pennsylvania cities of similar size, but a city is only as safe as its residents make it. While Annville's crime rate may look higher than that of its neighboring cities, the city's crime rate is actually lower than the state average, and much safer than most cities in the United States.

The Climate in Annville City is humid continental. It is classified as Dfa on the Koppen Climate Classification System, which indicates that it experiences hot and humid summers and cold, wet winters. The average snowfall is 40 inches per year. Annville's location is surrounded by South and North Annville Townships, as well as Cleona and North Cornwall Township.