Argillite, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

You have probably wondered about the population and steets in Argillite City. If you're interested in determining if the city is safe, you should look up the crime rates. The city's violent crime rate is 1.08 per thousand people. The southwest and northeast areas are relatively safer than the rest of the city. In the northwest, however, the violent crime rate is zero, which may surprise you.

The population of Argillite City is comprised of 1,434 residents, including 720 males and 714 females. The median age is 36.4 years old for males and 38.5 years old for females. Argillite is home to 443 births and 421 deaths each year. The population is split up by race, with 1,427 people being one race and seven individuals belonging to two or more races.

Besides living in Argillite, there are several other towns within 85 miles of this city. You can use these cities as a jumping off point to explore the local area. Listed below are the major cities that are closest to Argillite. You can use these towns as a guide to planning a road trip or traveling to a nearby city. It's important to note that there are more neighborhoods in Argillite, KY than you might think.

In Argillite, KY, there are 15,977 housing units. Of those, 14,536 are occupied and 1,441 are vacant. The median household income is $35,469, while the average household income is $41,168. Those who live in this city are mostly white with a 0.5% black or Hispanic population. Those who have graduated from high school have an average education of 61%. However, 58% have dropped out of college.