Bledsoe, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

When you visit Bledsoe County, TN, it's important to understand its population and its demography. The population is comprised primarily of white people, with about 13k residents. The county is home to five77 people who are Two+, and four hundred and ninety-nine Black or African Americans. The percentage of Hispanics in the county is 2.48%.

The city's population is a fairly even mix of young and old. A small percentage of residents was under the age of 18, with 29.5% living in households with two or more children. Another 14.7% of households were headed by a female householder who was living alone without her husband. Thirty-four percent of the population was 65 years of age or older. Overall, the average household size in the city was 2.30 members.

The area has a few historical landmarks. A printing shop once operated in Bledsoe, and there was a community church and school built with donated labor. In 1943, a drifter shot and killed C. Tobe Story. In 1965, the Cochran County Historical Survey Committee placed a historical marker in Bledsoe. The marker remained there until 1976.

These are only a few of the historical data available for Bledsoe City. The United States Census Bureau publishes annual estimates of its population, based on rebased population figures. This data is based on census block data, so it may not reflect the latest census. You can also use QuickFacts to find out more about Bledsoe City's current demographics.