Cadiz, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

What is the Population & Steets in Caddiz City? This article will give you the demographics of the Cadiz City area. To get a general feel for the city, take a look at the table below. This will provide you with the basic demographics of Cadiz, KY. It also includes the total number of residents who are US citizens, as well as the ethnicity and racial makeup of the population.

The median property value in Cadiz, KY is $109,400, which is 0.455 times lower than the national average. Homeownership rate in Cadiz is 54.4%, and most residents commute to work alone. The median number of cars per household is two. The median age is 44.5. The median household income in Cadiz, KY is $30,797. The average number of people with a college degree is $43,800.

El Populo, the oldest barrio in Cadiz, was settled in ancient Roman times. Near the cathedral are the ruins of an ancient Roman theater. The medieval era shaped this neighborhood into what it is today. The city's gates, such as Arcos de los Blancos, are still in place today. King Alfonso X built this entry in the 13th century.

The historic earthquake activity in Cadiz is significantly higher than the Ohio state average, and only 9% higher than the U.S. average. The number of natural disasters that occurred in Cadiz is also close to the US average, at fifteen. In the last year, Cadiz suffered four earthquakes, but the total number of people was only ten times lower. It was the site of Christopher Columbus' second voyage to the New World.