Campbellsburg, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

If you are considering moving to a new city, you may want to take into consideration the population and steets of Campbellsburg. In general, Campbellsburg has lower costs of living than the national average and most other cities in the state. Although the cost of living in some areas may be higher than in others, overall, the city costs less than the national average for housing, utilities, groceries, and transportation. The costs of health care and miscellaneous goods and services are lower as well.

The population of Campbellsburg is 961 people. Most of the population is young. The median age is 35 years old, and a typical family size is 3.2. The population of Campbellsburg is not as diverse as other areas of the country, but the population is mostly young and growing. While the economy isn't the best in this area, people are generally content. For example, the median income in the city is less than $2,000 a year.

While Campbellsburg isn't large, it is close to the big cities. If you are flying to the city, try looking for flights that go to the closest airport. Otherwise, you can look for flights to a city that is at least 4 hours away from Campbellsburg, KY. And if you don't have time to travel that far, check out other nearby cities. Listed below are the population and steets of the cities that surround Campbellsburg.