Clayhole, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

How safe is Clayhole? The crime rate in Clayhole City varies greatly based on where you live. While one neighborhood in Clayhole may have higher crime rates than another, the crime rate in central Clayhole is much lower than that in the north. It's not as easy to compare crime rates between different parts of Clayhole, but if you can do it, then you can see that crime is generally higher in the north and lower in the center.

Before you choose a billboard location, you must consider the demographics of Clayhole City. This community has 304 residents and 251 households. The median house value in Clayhole is $37,500. The average household size is 2.49. The median household income in Clayhole is $19,712 and the average household income is $31,265. The population is about six percent white, 0.5% black, and 2.9% Hispanic.

One of the most important churches in Clayhole City is the Clayhole Brethren Church. It is located on Riley Branch Road, and has a cemetery with less than 10 people buried. Other cemeteries in the city are the T-Point Cemetery and Haddix Family Cemetery. Both of these cemeteries are within three miles of Clayhole City. If you're looking for a graveyard, you'll find plenty in the Clayhole area.