Corinth, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

What are the Population & Steets of Corinth City, MS? The city of Corinth, MS is located in Mississippi. The population is comprised of 9.95k White people, 3.52k Black or African American people, and 486 Two+ residents. Of the total population, 4.16% are Hispanic. The median household income in Corinth is $38,460.

Ancient Corinth is a thriving crossroads of politics and commerce, and the city's central market was the Agora, an enormous, covered open space. At the site of the Forum, rows of shops lined the stoa. In addition to the Forum, the Agora served as the city's marketplace. The Agora's size is approximately 210 x 90 meters.

The city was inhabited before 3000 BCE, but its history remains obscure until the early eighth century bce. The city became a commercial center and grew in political power through its territorial expansion. By the late eighth century, it had secured control over the isthmus and established colonies at Corcyra and Syracuse. The population of Corinth today is 30,176. There are several ruins of the city's ancient era.

The ancient city was an important commercial center during the Greek War with the Persians. The Bacchiad family ruled the city between the eighth and seventh centuries BC. Cypselus' son Periander overthrew the Bacchiad family and ruled the city as a tyrant for almost two hundred years. The wealth of the city came from its control of the isthmus, which was a strategic point of land traffic between Attica and Peloponnese. Periander also built a stone roadway between the Corinthian and Saronic gulfs.