Crittenden, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The Population & Steets in Crittenden City, Kentucky is available in our free online housing database. In Crittenden, there are 426 renter-occupied households. There are 8 evictions reported in the city in 2016. Listed below are some key statistics about the demographics of Crittenden. Read on for additional information. Let's start with a quick look at the city's rent burden. The rent burden is the percentage of household income that goes toward housing. The Crittenden rent burden is lower than the 29.3% for the state of Kentucky and the neighboring cities. In addition, 55.8% of the housing units in Crittenden are renter-occupied, which suggests that the city has a lower rent burden than nearby communities.

The unemployment rate in Crittenden, Kentucky is 2.6%. This figure is based on the labor force of 16 years and older. The government employs 4.6% of the population. The median household income in Crittenden, Kentucky is $49,564. The poverty rate is 19.8%. Moreover, the housing market is not particularly affordable; 48.3% of the housing units in Crittenden are owner-occupied.

The overall population of Crittenden City is 3,876. This makes it the 5,482nd largest city in the US. The population has grown by 50.9% since 2000, which is higher than 92% of similar-sized cities. The sex makeup of the city is 47.9% male and 52.9% female. It is important to note that the area is still underdeveloped. And this is why you'll find many vacant homes in the city.