Dayhoit, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population of Dayhoit City, KY is 458. The city is located in Harlan County. The zip code for Dayhoit is 40824. The last census was in 2000. Today, the population of Dayhoit is about the same as it was in 1900. For many people, the city is a place to call home. However, there are many differences between Dayhoit and other towns in the surrounding area. The population of Dayhoit is comprised of many different racial and ethnic groups.

The crime rate in Dayhoit is relatively low, with only four crimes reported per 1,000 residents. It's important to note that crime rates are generally lower in Dayhoit than in surrounding towns. However, the city is still higher than the national average and the crime rate is lower than the state average. In some neighborhoods, the population density is low and crime rates are higher than average.

The city has 458 residents. Of these, 146 are under the age of 20. Of those people, 78 are male and 68 are female. The average racial population in Dayhoit is 65% white, and there are two whites and one black person for every 100 residents. Dayhoit is a relatively progressive town, with many young families forming the local community.

The population of Dayhoit is 458. It is located in Harlan County, Kentucky and has a post office with the ZIP code 40824.