Drake, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

You may be interested in finding out the Population & Steets in Drake, CO. This article will cover the most important facts about Drake, CO. The population of Drake is approximately 2,300 people, which is slightly higher than the national average. Approximately 15% of the city's workforce works in the service industry. Another 30% of the people work in blue-collar jobs. Meanwhile, the remaining 55% of residents are white-collar workers.

The median household income in Drake is $91,705 and the median individual income is $60,491. More than half of the residents of Drake, CO have completed high school, with 68% having gone on to college. Twenty-five percent of residents hold an associate's degree or higher. There are also a few schools in the city, but they're not all equally rated. This is a great way to see the diversity of Drake, CO before making your final decision.

The name Drake can be misleading as there are many different places that use the name Drake. The United States Postal Service (USPS) assigns a city-level zip code to Drake, which can mean a town, village, or school. However, the zip code is D (Default). The default name is used by the USPS for each city. The city-level zip code is the same as the street address, but there are some variations.

Violent crime rates in Drake city may look inflated, but they are not. Because Drake has so few retail establishments, many crimes are committed in areas that have few people. The red areas on the map aren't necessarily dangerous for residents. They're simply higher than the overall Drake population, which is much lower than the state average. When comparing these data, it's important to remember that crime occurs where people are.