Fourmile, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Do you know the population of Fourmile City? If so, you can look at the following population and steets statistics. The city has a median age of 28 years. The population is made up of clerical, assistant, and technical workers. English is the primary language spoken in Fourmile City, followed by Spanish. The city is home to approximately 900 residents. If you have visited Fourmile City, Pennsylvania, you've probably noticed how many young children are there.

The population density of Fourmile Ln and Castle Rock Rd is high and is significantly higher than 99.9% of U.S. neighborhoods. This is a particularly high vacancy rate, which may indicate a lack of supply. This can lead to increased real estate prices, because the neighborhood has such a low vacancy rate. However, this vacancy problem does not appear to be an immediate issue for Fourmile City residents.

The real estate in Fourmile City consists of mostly medium-sized and small houses. Most of these homes are owner-occupied. The median income is lower than 100.0% of other U.S. neighborhoods. In fact, 0.0% of the city's children live below the federal poverty line. A good way to determine whether Fourmile City is a good place to buy a home is to compare the real estate prices in different neighborhoods.