Frakes, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Are you wondering what the Population & Steets of Frakes City look like? You may be curious about the crime rate in Frakes City. This map shows how many crimes were committed per thousand Frakes city residents in one year. Although it's difficult to compare crime rates in a city, Frakes crime maps generally look like other cities of the same size. Frakes also has lower crime rates than the state and national averages, but it's important to remember that you're not comparing apples to oranges.

The most popular method for finding out the population of a city is by looking at its map. The Frakes population map shows that thirty-nine percent of households contain children under the age of 18. One hundred and ninety-five percent of households are family-type households, while 49.3% are husband-and-wife households. Then, there are households that have a female householder who's not married. The rest of the households are single-person households, while fourteen percent are non-families. In terms of racial diversity, green areas are more diverse than red ones, while red areas are less diverse. Diversity is good, as it means that there are different races living in close proximity.

The Frakes city zip code is 40940. Frakes' population has grown by 13.8% in the last decade. The median home price is $42,700 and the median price has increased by 0.8%. Despite this, Frakes' average commute time is only 20 minutes. In addition, the median home value has gone up by less than two percent in the last ten years. For more information, check out the Frakes City, KY, statistics page.