Garrett, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

You may be wondering how to get the latest Population & Steets in Garrett city, Indiana. Fortunately, this article will answer these questions and more. Garrett is a city in DeKalb county, Indiana. The population is around 1,925 people. In Garrett, most people work in service industries. The city also has some white-collar jobs, with just 21% of the workforce in those occupations.

Garrett County has several notable historical sites, including Casselman Bridge, a National Historic Landmark. The county is also within the 6th congressional district of Maryland. The extreme south of the county is home to the United States National Radio Quiet Zone. While Garrett City is not a large city, its proximity to major cities makes it ideal for last-minute vacations and longer stays. The county is also home to many natural features. The elevation of Garrett County is between 900 and 3,360 feet above sea level. The county is also the third largest by land area, after Baltimore and Washington, DC.

The town was once a bustling small town. It contained over 30 buildings and a population of over 100. Life in the town was centered around trains. The local train station was the only public transportation for residents during those early years. There were trains to and from Washington as often as nine times per day. The town was incorporated as a result of this concern. In 1899, the City passed an ordinance banning cesspools and requiring residents to use above-ground privies.