Lawrenceburg, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

You might be wondering, what are the population and steets of Lawrenceburg City. You can start by looking at the median household income. The average household income is $33,899, but you can also factor in the percentage of people who own their own home. You can also take into account home ownership rates as a way to gauge your target audience. In fact, there are 69% high school graduates in Lawrenceburg City.

Another way to measure a neighborhood's character is by looking at its ethnic makeup. The City Center neighborhood, for example, is home to more Scots-Irish than any other neighborhood. While a large portion of its population is of English ancestry, you can also determine a neighborhood's poverty rate by looking at how many people have been classified as Scots-Irish.

According to census data, 46% of residents in Lawrenceburg have a bachelor's degree. Another 32% have a master's degree or a doctorate degree. Occupationally, Lawrenceburg residents fall into one of three categories: service industry workers, blue collar workers, and white-collar workers. The area's high rate of poverty indicates that there are several barriers to achieving success in the area.

A light-skinned African-American blacksmith, Elijah Anderson, grew up in the home of his uncle and helped escape slaves. In fact, Anderson, along with many of his fellow slaves, eventually escaped to Ohio. Later, he was caught and imprisoned and died in a Kentucky jail. And, of course, Lawrenceburg is home to many important figures in history.