Lockport, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Getting Demographic Information About Lockport City is a snap! With recent census data, you'll know what to expect from this town of 1,419 people. The median age is 37.0, which is right in line with the state and national average. This information is vital because it gives a snapshot of the overall demographics of a city. Lockport, NY is not unlike any other city in New York. Many residents live in one area but work in another. You can get a detailed demographic look at Lockport by visiting the American Fact Finder.

The Census Bureau's latest statistics show that 84% of Lockport City residents commute by car. Another 286% live by foot. Another 34 percent rely on public transportation like trolleys. The city is home to the Clarence Mustangs and the Lockport Express. In 2010, Lockport had a population of 21,165 people. The census counted 9,153 households and 5,172 families. The area had a percentage of 0.8% White, 3.5% Black, and 0.8% Hispanic residents.

The Town of Lockport is a borough of Niagara County in the state of New York. Its zip code is T1; this means it is a county subdivision, not an incorporated city. Its economy was diversified. Its economy was anchored in water powered industrial development and prosperity through the nineteenth century. The abundant stone found locally was sold locally as well as shipped to major cities throughout the Northeast and Midwest.