Mckee, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population of McKee City is made up of a variety of people. While most are under the age of 18, there are also many who have completed a postsecondary education. Of these, 24% have at least a master's degree and another 12% have a doctorate degree. There are also three categories for employment: 39% of the workers are in the service industry, 17% are in blue-collar occupations, and 44% are employed in white-collar roles.

The community of McKee is located in central Jackson County and within the Daniel Boone National Forest. It is served by U.S. Route 421 (which leads northwest 34 miles to Richmond and southeast 29 miles to Manchester). The town is also served by Kentucky Route 89, which leads north for 28 miles to Irvine and southwest for 24 miles to Livingston. During the 1960s, the city was served by PATrain commuter service.

The population of McKee City is 19,238 and there are 6,011 households in the city. The median home value is $168,183 and the average household size is 2.96. This community is predicted to grow by 1.1% over the next few years. The median household income in McKee City is $41,158 and the average household income is $49,764. About 64% of the people in the city have completed a high school education.

The population of McKee City is a mix of people from different ethnic backgrounds. For instance, the community is home to many people with Italian, Filipino, and Spanish ancestry. Compared to other neighborhoods in the U.S., McKee City has a higher percentage of people with Italian ancestry than most other communities.