Mount Olivet, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The following are some facts about the population and styes of Mount Olivet City, Kentucky. These data show the average rate of crime per resident and per daytime visitor. While the number of crimes in Mount Olivet city varies greatly, it generally follows the trend of the state. The crime map in Mount Olivet closely resembles the state's population map. As a general rule, red areas indicate higher crime rates than those in other parts of the city.

The median real estate price in Mount Olivet East is $29,116. This price is cheaper than the average in 99.6% of U.S. neighborhoods. Rents in this neighborhood average $1,084, making it less expensive than the national average of $1,069.

The majority of people in Mount Olivet City are employed in service and sales jobs, such as working at fast food restaurants or managing major accounts. Manufacturing occupations make up the next most common type of employment in Mount Olivet, accounting for 28.3% of the neighborhood's workforce. White-collar and blue-collar jobs make up the remaining 9.0% of the population. In addition, the city's English-speaking residents are predominantly European.

The current population of Mount Olivet is 354 people. This is the 14,571st largest city in the U.S., but the city peaked at 390 in 1990. Hence, it is 9.2% smaller than it was in 1990. For those who have a desire to explore Mount Olivet City further, a map will be useful for your research. The population map will show you the surrounding towns and cities as well as a radius.