Providence, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

A quick look at the population statistics of Providence City can help you learn about the city's diversity and how diverse it is. Although it has a small population of 178,851 people, Providence is home to a diverse population of nearly 40 different ethnic groups. The city's ethnic makeup is comprised of 39% Caucasian people, 33% Hispanic or Latino people, and 13% Black or African American residents. The city's ethnic makeup is further reflected in the number of Italian residents, which is concentrated in the neighborhoods of Federal Hill and Washington Park. There are also significant communities of Irish people in Providence, which makes up approximately 6% of the city's population.

In 1831, Providence residents ratified a city charter, making the city's name more widely known. The city was once home to the Market House, the social and geographic center of the city. In 1845, the City Council resolved to build a permanent municipal building in Providence, and the city's offices began moving into the Providence City Hall in 1878. During this time, the median housing prices in the city were higher than those of any other city in the country.

One of the most notable features of the city is the waterfront. Waterplace Park, an urban park, is an oasis on the waterfront. Its sculpted bridges, modeled after Venice, allow you to access the waterfront with ease. And of course, there's plenty of shopping to be had, thanks to the city's historic downtown area. The waterfront is home to Providence's downtown riverfront.