Raccoon, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The City of Raccoon is over one hundred thousand people, divided into several districts, including the Uptown, the Cedar District, and the Downtown area. Raccoon City also has a subway system, with six stops, which served the Cider and uptown areas. There are several major rivers in Raccoon, including the Marble, Aimes, and Circular rivers. This information may help you plan a trip to the City of Raccoon.

Originally, Raccoon City was an unassuming hamlet located in the Arklay Mountains, but over the course of the twentieth century, it became heavily industrialized. The local pharmaceutical company, Umbrella Corporation, expanded its operations and eventually became a global conglomerate. After the city's industrialization, crime began to increase, and the police department was forced to establish the Special Tactics And Rescue Service (STARS).

Residents in Resident Evil 3 are not new to the city. The outbreak of a lethal virus has left the city in chaos, with police cars and bodies scattered throughout the streets. While there are still no answers as to what caused the virus, Raccoon City is home to some of the series' most gruesome events. You'll likely find yourself in Raccoon City again during the third game, so make sure to check out the trailer and read up on the storyline before you see the movie.

The Corporation has claimed that there are zero civilian survivors. But five survivors have escaped the train tunnel and have walked out of Raccoon City. It's unclear how many survivors there are, but the numbers are still alarming. And the Corporation has no reason to lie about this new game. If you want to know more about the population of the area, you can read this article. You'll learn everything about the city, including its history, and its future.