Saint Francis, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Did you know that Saint Francis is the regional center for southeast Minnesota? This city lies along the upper Mississippi River, just 20 miles west of the Wisconsin border. Its two main seasons are summer and winter. This article will tell you about the population and steets of Saint Francis City. Before visiting, make sure to learn more about the city's history. You'll also find a list of local towns that are close to Saint Francis.

St. Francis County has a surprisingly high percentage of black residents outside of Forrest City. This is high when compared to the rest of rural America, but still an indicator of the city's overall poverty. The city is home to about 730 people, most of whom are white. The population of blacks in Saint Francis is less than one-half the size of the city. This divide is especially problematic during the civil rights era.

QuickFacts is a website that provides statistics about the population of the city and county. These statistics are accurate as far as city size is concerned. However, their data are not comparable to census data of other geographic levels, due to sampling errors and methodology differences. The QuickFacts icon is located on each row in TABLE view. Quick Info provides more information about the sampling error. This information can be interpreted in many ways.