Sawyer, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Did you know that there are many people from Sawyer in Kentucky? The city is one of the top vacation destinations, so the population of Sawyer is largely seasonal. Many people own second homes in Sawyer and only live there part-time during vacation season. Because of this, many businesses in Sawyer only operate during the high tourist season, so the population drops dramatically. As a result, the city is a lot quieter than it was before.

In 2010, the population of Sawyer City was 2,318 residents. The median age was 39.8, with 23.7% of the population under the age of eighteen. Twenty-four percent of households were comprised of married couples, while 21.6% were made up of individuals. Nineteen percent of the population was over sixty-five. The median age was forty years old. The gender breakdown of Sawyer City was 47.5% male and 52.5% female.

There are many reasons why the population of Sawyer is so low. One reason is that its Black population is decreasing, and the city has a high percentage of Latino residents. The city's Latino population is increasing dramatically. It went from 774 Latino residents in 2010 to 5,832 by 2020. It is no wonder that the city's Latino population is increasing. This trend may have long-term consequences for Sawyer City.

The median household income in Sawyer City is $28,949, which is slightly lower than the national median. Still, money isn't everything. The residents of ZIP code 60623 earn less than their counterparts in other areas of town. They're also younger than their peers. The number of children under eighteen is large. There are nursing homes in the area. If you're planning to move to Sawyer City, make sure you read about the area's population and its history.