Science Hill, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The following information will provide you with a quick overview of the Population & Steets in Science Hills City, Kentucky. It also provides you with important facts about this city's population. For example, the number of eviction cases in Science Hills is much lower than in nearby cities like Eubank and Allardt. If you want to know how many evictions there are in Science Hills City, KY, you should consider looking at the statistics on evictions.

The number of households living below the poverty line in Science Hill, KY varies, but there is an overall trend of a higher rent burden among residents of this area compared to other communities in the state. Similarly, the average rent burden in Science Hill is higher than the state's average, and neighboring communities, such as Pine Knot, have even higher rent burdens than Science Hill. Approximately 42.4% of households in Science Hill, KY are renters.

The median annual income for households in Science Hill, KY is $32,500. This is less than the average household income of $65,712 in the United States. There are also a high proportion of Gulf War veterans in Science Hill. In addition, the median household income in Science Hill, KY is $32,500, which is less than the median income in the state of Kentucky. Moreover, the median household income for Science Hill, KY is only $32,500, making it relatively affordable for many residents.