Scuddy, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

When considering the population of Scuddy City, Kentucky, it can help to know the average age of residents. A population over 25 years of age is considered to be a working-age person. This means that they will typically have a high school diploma, but may not be working in a high-paying job. The table below provides information on the educational attainment of the city's population.

The population of Scuddy City is comprised of twelve different race groups. The population of this small town is made up of mainly single-family homes. Of the households that contain two people, there are four households with two persons living in them. These households are usually married. In addition, there are single-parent households that have two parents. And last but not least, there are single-person households made up of two to fifty people.

The ZIP code for Scuddy City is 41760. This area is located in Scuddy, KY. In the area, there are 13 households, each with an average of 2.58 people. The median home value is $45,000, and the median household size is two people. The city's population is expected to grow by approximately 3.6% by 2040. So, if you're considering purchasing a billboard ad for your business, this information is important.