Stanley, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The population and steets of Stanley City are a measure of the area's overall prosperity. With an average summer population of tens of thousands of people, Stanley City has a booming economy, but is the area's future uncertain? How does the city plan to keep its residents safe? This question was addressed in the last Population & Steets report from the city.

Stanley is located in western North Dakota, about two hours from Minneapolis and three hours from Madison. It has a total area of 1.6 square miles (1.61 km2), a median household income of $55,733, and a median age of 37.2. The poverty rate in Stanley is 12.6% and the median gross rent is $541 per month. For residents, the quality of life is a personal preference. Some prefer quiet streets, some want to be close to parks and other outdoor spaces, while others want a walkable city environment.

In 1920, the Stanley Industrial Survey, which aimed to attract new industry, was completed. By 1920, the town had a population of 790. The Federal Census of 1920 recorded a variety of new businesses in Stanley. One of them was James A. Rankin, who had previously lived out of town and had moved back to Stanley with his sisters. During the census, James A. Rankin owned a grocery mercantile store, which was later turned into a hardware store. He had lived out of town, but had recently moved back into his family's old house and continued to run his business from the house.