Tompkinsville, Kentucky Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The Population & Steets of Tompkinsville City can be found by using a crime map. This map shows the number of crimes per year in the city. While some crimes may be due to lease or code violations, most are related to failing to pay rent. Seeing red areas on a map does not necessarily mean that a particular area is unsafe. However, a high number of evictions can be a sign that things are getting worse for the city.

The demographic data on the city can be gathered from the census of 2020. This data is updated every year or as soon as new data becomes available for the city. It is important to note that census data are for a city, not a zip code. A zip code can have a different number of residents than the city's overall population. You may be able to find more accurate population data by looking up a specific zip code.

The median age of people in Tompkinsville, KY was 37.6. The percentage of foreign-born residents was 44. The percentage of single-adults was slightly higher than the average. The number of children under 18 was slightly higher than average. The Census also indicates that there were a few nursing homes and correctional facilities in the city. The information on the map was not provided by the county's jail.