Seekonk, Massachusetts Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Are you curious about the Population & Steets in Seekok City? The city is located in Massachusetts, about half way between Boston and Providence. For its size, it is smaller than Providence, but still holds a cosmopolitan feel. Its birth rate is 3.4%. The city is also ranked fifth for lowest crime rate in Massachusetts. You can find the population and steets of Seekonk City, Massachusetts below.

The city's ethnic composition shows large representations of people from the Western and Southern Hemispheres. The percentage of people born in Asia and Eastern Africa is very small, while the largest proportion of residents was born in Europe. The racial composition of Seekonk City reflects a diverse population. The demographics are also fairly racially diverse, with people of African and Portuguese heritages making up a significant proportion of the population.

There are four active schools in Seekonk. North Elementary School closed during the summer of 2006 due to budget cuts. The Dr. Kevin M. Hurley Middle School is located along Route 152, and serves the town's sixth-to-eighth-grade population. Seekonk High School is located near the center of town. The town is also home to the Seekonk High School, which is known as "The Warriors" because of its athletic teams. The school's colors are navy blue, white, and Columbia blue.

Regardless of how you measure the city's diversity, you'll find that its people are a product of their daily choices. The types of jobs that people do determine their ethnicity and culture. The majority of people in North Seekonk work in executive, management, and professional fields, while the rest work in manufacturing, service, and fast food establishments. Only 11.5% are employed in clerical positions.