Arbyrd, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The table below summarizes the population and steets in Arbyrd City. This table also includes the percentages of people of various races. The number of white residents compared to the percentage of black and Hispanic citizens is the city's racial makeup. The percentage of people of different races is shown next to each other on the racial breakdown chart.

The figure for labor force includes civilians and members of the armed forces. People classified as unemployed must be actively seeking employment. Those not in the labor force include students, homemakers, seasonal workers, and institutionalized individuals. The figure for population of unemployed people is slightly higher than the state's overall unemployment rate. Arbyrd has a population density of 260. For a city of its size, Arbyrd has a high rate of unemployment (45.1%).

The population and steets of Arbyrd are available from the United States Census Bureau and the American Community Survey. The city has a median household income of $22,083. For the area's poverty rate, the area is home to about 11% of people. It is the second largest city in Dunklin County after Saint Louis. There are a total of nine schools in Arbyrd.

The percentage of foreign-born residents in Arbyrd, MO is 2.6%, which makes it the third most-foreign-born city in the area. The city is located within 68 miles of four big cities. For example, you can enter "Arbyrd, MO" into Google and see which cities are closest to Arbyrd, MO. If you're traveling by road, be sure to check out nearby towns before heading out to see what is there.