Barnett, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

In the case of the City of Barnett, Texas, the question of population and racial composition remained. Fortunately, an equitable population distribution map was established after the first ward map was voted down. The second ward map was a "least-change" map, which shifted fewer people than the present ward map. In the Barnett case, the ward map would have included an additional African-American ward, and the black and Latino populations in the remaining white wards would have been in a majority.

During the trial, the plaintiffs presented an expert witness, Dr. James Lewis, vice-president for research and planning at the Chicago Urban League. His background in public policy research and his extensive knowledge of Barnett neighborhoods qualified him to be an expert witness. He studied public records, rendered an opinion on the effect of racial divisions on voting patterns in aldermanic elections, and explained how racial differences have influenced the composition of City councils.