Berger, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

Berger, MO is located in the state of Missouri. The population is approximately 158 people. 80% of the residents are citizens, and only 2% of them are non-citizens. The median property value in Berger, MO was $72,900 in 2020, making it slightly less expensive than the national average. In Berger, MO, most people drive to work alone, and the average commute time was 24.8 minutes.

The most common race in Berger, MO is White. There are also a number of other races present. The most common foreign-born residents in Berger are from Mexico, India, and China. However, the majority of residents of Berger, MO are United States citizens, and this percentage has been maintaining in recent years. In Berger, the most common occupation is Construction & Extraction Occupations, followed by Health Care & Social Assistance.