Bixby, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

The demographics of Bixby City, Oklahoma are presented below. Residents primarily commute by automobile, public transportation, or foot. The city's population is largely composed of families and older adults who are well-educated. In general, the population of Bixby is well-educated, with the majority of adults living in single-family homes with yard space for children to play. Bixby is a safe community, with a crime rate much lower than the national average.

Some notable residents of Bixby are celebrities. The movie "Tremors," starring Kevin Bacon, references the town. There are also artists, musicians, and celebrities who call Bixby home. Famous residents include Rodney Carrington, a comedian, and Coop, a hot-rod artist. In addition, Florida International University football coach Butch Davis, a fifth-grade teacher, is a frequent visitor. The city's past also includes Luther Metcalf, who came to Bixby in the 1930s and built more houses than he could count. There are many other notable residents of Bixby, including NASCAR driver Tanner Berryhill, an NFL cornerback, a NASCAR driver, and a professional baseball player named Roy Foster.

While the town's population has increased dramatically, it still retains a small-town appeal. While "South" Bixby was developed later, it was primarily a rural area. This region was hampered by disputed land titles. Nonetheless, residents of this community filed for incorporation in the federal court in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and were granted a charter to incorporate the city.