Chestnutridge, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

For the most recent data on Chestnutridge, NY, check out the Population & Steets page. This website is packed with information about Chestnut Ridge's residents. The following section of the Chestnutridge City, NY demographics presents detailed data on citizenship and immigration. The following section is dedicated to the city's foreign-born population and includes information on the percentage of naturalized citizens.

There are three major racial and ethnic groups represented in the Chestnut Ridge, NY, area. The largest racial and ethnic groups are White, followed by Hispanic, and Two Or More. To be categorized as living below the poverty line in this city, a family's total income must be more than a certain threshold. The thresholds are based on the number of people in the household, their ages, and the composition of the family.

This map displays the racial makeup of the Chestnutridge city. The chart displays the racial composition of the area by area, based on self-identification. The darker the shade, the larger the racial majority. This data also includes the diversity score of the area. There are over 19,000 residents in Chestnut Ridge. A few people in Chestnutridge commute by car, train, or bus.

The most common family structure in Chestnutridge is a married couple, although this is not the only factor. In Chestnut Ridge, the average family is headed by a couple, despite the fact that the population is predominantly female. One hundred and eight percent of the residents are married. The city's high proportion of households headed by a married couple is second only to Monsey, NY, but there is also a significant percentage of single-parent households in the area.