Cole Camp, Missouri Statistic: Population, Charts, Map, Steets and More

You may be wondering what the population of Cole Camp is like. The population of Cole Camp is mostly middle-aged and elderly. However, there are some positive aspects of Cole Camp. It has a beautiful environment, but the town isn't a great place to raise children. For instance, there aren't sidewalks along the streets leading to schools, and the town lacks internet reception. It's also owned by a large corporation, so the crime rate isn't necessarily the same as it is in other cities.

Population & Steets in Cole-Camp, Missouri

The city has many small businesses and is home to the annual Cole Camp fair, one of the biggest in the mid-Missouri area. The fair dates back to 1916, and is known for the beautiful floats created by local organizations. In addition to the history of the town, it's also an excellent location. Surrounding rolling prairies on the north and hills and streams to the south, Cole Camp is a peaceful city. The people here are very friendly and proud of their city.

In 1898, Cole Camp City became a town. A post office was built in the town and the city owned the electrical system around 1915. The town once had three banks. A bank named Citizens-Farmers was born from a merger of two other banks. The first automobile was seen in the town in 1905. The town's population increased during this time period. It became a hub for four major roads.